Pre-Book Your Dream House

Taj Residencia’s well-curated infrastructure will add more to your living standard. Wide and open roads with beautiful floral entrances, 140 feet 6 lanes carpeted main Boulevard, well-managed green belts incorporated with water sprinklers and foot paths.

Terms and Conditions

1. One form only be used for booking one plot only.
2. The application form is non-transferable unless authorized by Taj Residencia (TJR).
3. Processing Fee is non-refundable & non-adjustable.
4. Booking form must be filled out completely with postal addresses and phone number. It is the responsibility of the applicant to communicate changes in contact details and get it updated at TJR Offices.
5. Additional 10% of total booking price indicated on the form shall be charged for each single category of plot. In case of multiple choices 10% on each category will be added.
6. Booking form along with the payment will be submitted in the branches of the designated banks mentioned on challan form as well as company offices at Islamabad.
7. Overseas Pakistanis will submit the booking form along with the Pay Order in the name of “Taj Residencia” to our designated associates in each country of whom details are mentioned on our website i.e.
8. All payments are to be made according to the category / size of the plot, as per schedule of payments, through Cash or Bank Draft/Pay Order, Cheque in favor of Taj Residencia.
9. Applicant shall not be paid any interest/mark up against the amount paid.
10. Confirmation of booking shall be intimated through courier along with a system generated schedule of payments on you postal address given on the form. Please ensure to verify your postal address for successful delivery of communications on your location.
11. Installments received from the applicant/allottee after the due date will only be accepted with a surcharge at the rate of 1.5% per month of installment (calculated at daily rate).
12. Allotment of your booking shall be done through balloting process.
13. The exact size and location of the plot is tentative and subject to adjustment in placing and accordance with determination/measurement at the time of possession.
14. In case of extra are (over & above the allotted area) with any plot, extra land shall be charged in addition to the total amount.
15. Project plan and Allotment may change on the basis of technical grounds.
16. Provisional Allotment Letter shall be issued after allotment and on a minimum 50% payment of the Booking Price.
17. In event of nonpayment of any current dues or surcharge levies, within the laid down period, the plot allotment shall be liable for cancellation with one month written notice. The allottee can also apply for refund in case he/she does not wishes to continue. In both cases the amount shall be refunded after 20% deduction.
18. No construction can be done without the approval of concerned offices/authorities.
19. Utility Connection charges & extra land charges are exclusive of the booking price.
20. Taj Residencia reserves the right to allot/sell a plot surrendered by any applicant (or cancelled from the name of the allottee due to non-payment of dues) to any other applicant or person. Ex-allottee shall have no right to such plot.
21. All registration/mutation charges shall be borne by the allottee along with any other applicable government tax.
22. Applicant is bound to follow terms and conditions in addition to the rules/bylaws, rules & regulations governing allotment, possession, ownership, construction and transfer of plots enforced by Taj Residecnia & other regulatory authorities/RDA.
23. In case of any dispute between the applicant and Taj Residencia, the dispute will be referred to Management Committee of Taj Residencia, whose decision shall be final and binding. Committee shall not be challenged before any other forum.
24. Applicant will abide by these Terms and Conditions in addition to the bylaws, rules and regulations governing allotment, possession, ownership, construction and transfer of plot, enforced from time to time by Taj Residencia and any other competent Authority / Department.

More than one option can be selected, applicant will have to pay additional amount of each category i.e 20% , 30% etc.

Plot Type Plot Size Payment Plan Preferred Loc Processing Fee (Non Refundable) Plot Price (Including Development charges) Down payment ( % to be deposit with booking form) Installments Inst. Amount